Porwerline is a technique which is used as an alternative to conventional Wi-Fi. Here, the Internet data is transmitted over power lines.

If there are problems with wireless speakers or cable and you can not make good use of the Internet, then you should the little tricks with which you can make reception easier to know. One trick is Powerline Communications – is abbreviated as the PLC. Connect to the Internet via a LAN cable usually falls away, as this is very expensive in a house on several floors in the installation. Therefore, the far more common way wireless. But also because there may be serious problems with the reception. It is usually aborts the DSL connection or already when selecting light reception problems. Reasons for this may thick concrete walls or ceilings. For such problems, there is a super invention – the home network from the outlet. If you want to create a home network between PC and router need for the so-called basic package. This basic package you have two PLC adapters. These are connected so that the electrical outlet with an adapter that connects to the router and on another floor, you can connect the socket to the PC with the other adapter. This saves you the cable from one floor to another, has been a source of accidents fewer times and this is the DSL connection much more stable. The transfer rate is usually faster than wireless broadband and the interference is much lower.


What should you know if you have a home network using powerline settles?

The most important thing you should know the different Powerline devices are not or only partially compatible with each other. There are several hardware manufacturers who have different standard equipment manufactured but so close together that these devices are also compatible. But there are also many individual manufacturers have similar products, but these generally fit only compatible with each other. So you should be over it in advance of the installation already aware of how large the home powerline network will be and what brands come into question.

How can I achieve the best transmission performance?

Therefore it is always best to connect the PLC adapter directly into a wall socket, then the transmission power is highest. If one operates the PLC adapter via extension cords or power strips, then you lose a lot of the transmission power. If you still operate the PLC adapter on a power strip, then they make sure that as little as possible other devices attached to it. If you do not want the neighbors to penetrate into the home network, then you should definitely pay attention to the encryption. In most commercially available PLC adapters that works simply by pressing a button.