This tool demists systematic various tasks depending on their type and purpose.

Using search engines to achieve information online has become so popular and important that 82.6 percent of Internet users use this tool for different purposes. The first search engine was called Wandex, Matthew Gray created in 1993. Followed Aliweb (1993) and WebCrawler (1994). Google is the most popular worldwide. Its database contains over 3,000 million Web pages that are viewed 200 million times per day.In recent years, its use has expanded to other features. The 25% of the purchases made ​​on the Internet comes from using this search method.

Search engines spiders hierarchical

This type of search engine crawls the information found in the contents of web pages. So, when looking for a warning, these tools query the databases of these pages and and classified the findings in order of importance. These types of search engines can store data from the home page and all who reside on the server of the web sites. If the word to find, for example, “computer”, the search engine will provide a list of all the websites whose content and / or find the requested word text. If these search engines think that the websites are important to the user, the record, if not, just keep some.


At times, the search engines review sites in order to update their databases. This type of search engines contain simple but powerful programs and different functionalists: exploring the network, those who build databases and users to use. Sometimes you can see results that appear pink on the top of the charts and these are paid ads or links which the search engine uses to continue offering the free service to other users. Some of these search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and others.


It is considered cheap technology. systematized and requires not so frequent human intervention. uses simple algorithms and the results of their searches contain collection of categorized directories. These categories are operated by human presence who further limit the terms of tracking. Unlike hierarchical search engines, these do not do tours of websites and store their data . However, these results are determined by the information provided in the directories when register a website. Some of these directories Open Directory Project, Terra, among others.

Vertical search

Or also called thematic search engines. Your searches specialize in a particular sector, thereby facilitating the tracking of data and information . Given the specificity they possess, their results are often more up to date and give users more advanced search tools and effective. Nestoria exist or vertical search engines like Wolfram Alpha, specializing in science, music, movies, videos, films, books, others.