For a high-end headphones, you can actually spend a lot of money. How to find the best model.

Who is ready for a headphone to invest more than € 200 will, of course, make no bad buy. There are among the more expensive models, good and very good products. For a satisfying musical experience, the sample is essential listening. What else can be done to find the best model? Are headphone amplifier may be useful?

Are the perfect headphones for it

Is one best headphones it does not matter how much you’re willing to pay for it. For any type of music for every taste there is a suitable model. One lays emphasis on deep bass, the other preferred the most natural sound. For classical music, where appropriate, other models are recommended as for hip-hop music.

To find out, Pre-listening is essential. Go with your MP3 player and your favorite music to a store and try out the various models alone. In selecting the music you should look for a good-quality recording possible. Old tunes are therefore less suitable. Some shops give expensive high-end products even for a day or more, so they can be tested at home alone. To get a feel for the different sound images of the headphones. Overall test results are not always decisive, since ultimately they say nothing about the subjective feeling when listening to music. Nevertheless, you can refer to the beginning of recommendations journals.


Also, the fit is important

The best sound is worthless if the headset is uncomfortable. Shell headphone you can try the retailer. With in-ear headphones, this is not possible for reasons of hygiene. You should take particular care that articles in a variety of sizes are included. This is the only way to ensure that the headphones will be really good in the ear. Demanding music lovers even choose a model with individual manufactured silicone paper.

When the headphones at home sounds worse

It is not uncommon, despite copious trial hearing is the sound of one of the new high-end headphones to their own hi-fi system may be disappointed. The nice part sounds worse than in the business. This may be due to the uneven quality of the headphone jacks. Only with a really good amplifier the potential of headphones is optimally utilized. If you have already opted for an expensive high-end product, you should consider buying a headphone amp. Such an amplifier can improve the sound significantly and is therefore of professionals particularly recommended for listening to music at home in his own plant.