Two major handicaps are that are SMEs when choosing software or another: Lack of knowledge of all available options and characteristics of each and lack of time. Of these two variables, other handicaps that hinder the right choice emerge and it is most often the determinant factor is the price most of the time by default. Also excess, ie usually choose the cheapest to save costs but end software wrong can be more costly in the medium term because if the program is not suited to current and future needs SME it will not do much.

Handicaps of smes seeking the ideal software

We must never forget the goal of a program software is the providing the information necessary to streamline decision-making, to maximize the opportunities, knowing the weaknesses and correct them as soon as possible and be more profitable and productive than the competition. Also sometimes wrong excess that is buy the most expensive being the most complete however this need not be so and maybe not only meets current needs, may never suits them or the long term, and this situation will only make life difficult for those who run these programs.

Both the time spent to know what is the best option as the final amount of software should always be seen as an investment, not as an expense, as the competitive advantages that are obtained by taking the right decision is very important. Another problem you may encounter is to have a short-term view, not taking into account future needs in the medium and long term.

The specific sector concerned, its mission, vision, taking into account the number of current employees know. Disadvantages of having the software installed on the server or in the cloud and what specific features need to have management program, with a medium and long – term and global, not based on price. Have the advice of an expert professional help not only when making the decision to purchase one or other solution but it will define with the client what is the best methodology of implementation, maintenance needs, carry out audits and controls necessary quality.