MILAN – From Cupertino came the ok to the preparation and service of the house used for smartphones. To steal the indiscretion was Bloomberg, who collected the confession of a deep ravine which has preferred to remain anonymous since there are still no formal announcement in this regard (and the Apple headquarters did not come no comment rumor ). The used of which will be only one designer from the bitten apple and should initially apply only to the iPhone. Bright star – The giant led by Tim Cook would have made ​​an agreement with Bright star, a company specializing in the distribution of electronic gadgets that will take care of the logistical the used vehicle market Apple. It will be possible to sell your iPhone 4 used to have a considerable discount on the purchase of an iPhone 5. And so it should be in the future, with the ability to commute (partially) the penultimate model with the last one.

UPGRADE – For Apple there would be two major benefits from the initiative. In developed markets, the discount is an incentive to upgrade to the flagship model, and customer loyalty at the same time limiting the temptation to change platforms and go to the competition. Data from recent quarters in fact indicate a slow loss of market share to the benefit of smartphones with Android operating system. Being able to keep intact at least the vast customer base current is very comforting a guarantee for the future. In addition, the U.S. mobile operator AT & T has recently adopted, with success, a similar system and pays up to $ 200 for an iPhone 4 or 4S running.


REFURBISHING – For emerging markets instead the initiative would represent a very interesting strategy. The models used but functioning can be easily restored and re-placed on the market. This is called refurbishing , term became fashionable with printer cartridges. A model regenerated would have a list price of course obvious than new ones and would be accessible to users less wealthy but equally hungry for technology rapidly expanding countries such as China, India and Brazil. In short, the model of iPhone for the market to medium-low and before him that Cook Jobs have always refused to produce it would be quite simply a model used and regenerated.

The idea is also supported by the demand for iPhone 4S 4, and even – in some markets that are no longer required of the iPhone 5 – and the value of the used vehicle market Apple, which at the moment escapes from the shackles of Cupertino. According to estimates the value of the second-hand market, estimating that a user on five resells the next three years your device, will amount in 2015 to $ 5 billion. The iPhone models are treated more and better preserved of all its value. If the flea market Apple will kick off its estimated $ 5 billion becomes conservative.