From most parts you often hear about alternative sources of energy , confusing this term with that of renewable energy, but although they may seem like there is actually a difference that underlies the concept: alternative energy sources are all those energy sources exploiting any possible way to get energy by avoiding the burning of fossil fuels , while renewables are a subset of the first and still utilize only those sources that you can renew. With this guide to alternative sources of energy going to explain briefly what they are and how to exploit them.

So when we speak of alternative energy , we also include renewables, but only if we speak of the latter, then it is said that they understand all the sources of energy alternatives. The reason we have come to think of it, it seems obvious now . In fact, if the man continued to harness the energy exclusively from burning fossil fuels , we would arrive at a point of total exhaustion of raw materials. Therefore it was necessary in recent years to find sources of “alternative.” What are they? The sun, the water, the wind , the tides, the movement of the earth, are all elements that generate energy, which has the characteristic of being an alternative, renewable and clean.


Let’s look at The Solar Energy : is definitely the first alternative source of thermal energy generated by the sun of course, has the characteristic of being inexhaustible and clean. To it we owe the invention and spread of photovoltaic panels which currently cover a good proportion of the energy needs of the Italians. The Energy Hydraulics : is produced from water. While in the past it was used exclusively to move the mills, today, thanks to the hydroelectric plants produce electricity from water masses in motion, both continental and oceanic areas. The Wind Energy : this was already being exploited in antiquity for grinding for cereals and to move the windmills, is currently used only in those places where the wind is constant and takes advantage of the movement to produce precisely the same energy. 4. The Geothermal Energy : is generated by the heat of the earth, found especially in volcanic areas. 5. The Energy Biomass : is recreated from the combustion of certain biofuels and biogas, in fact uses organic waste through a process of bio degradation of the same. 6. The Nuclear Energy : produced by nuclear fusion.