New technologies bring many dangers, so we must be attentive to the children make use of internet

Known as Grooming harassment is performed on children and adolescents through existing communication systems (especially social networking). It could be translated as coaxing and in many cases, is the threshold of sexual abuse.

The most recent

Recent cases of pedophilia are a warning sign for parents whose children use the Internet or other electronic means to communicate with friends or acquaintances. In the case that came to light today, it emerged that a man who worked as a professor of gymnastics, used Facebook to communicate with girls of ten and twelve. As usual, the subject had a fake profile: posing as a girl of the same age and started talking with the children and then convince them to take pictures in underwear or naked. Thus, the subject could manipulate the victim, who kept the secret for fear that the subject will show those pictures. Finally, one of the girls decided to break the silence and tell his mother everything, which made ​​the complaint immediately.

Once denounced the subject, was a police psychologist which was passed by the lower to keep in touch with the subject, until they agreed to a meeting in which the man was arrested on charges of corruption of minors and pedophilia. They raided his home where he confiscated pornography and photographs of children. The defendant’s parents were amazed not and told the press that his son always worked with children and that it was probably a misunderstanding.


Please note

While cases are becoming more frequent, it is important to prevent children using internet but most parents should be aware of what the child does. It is recommended that the computer is in the dining room or the living room, where it can be seen what the child; also make sure that only dialogue with people you know, in many cases of pedophiles using teen idols images to seek attention and acceptance of minors. While sometimes the parents do not have the time to devote to such details, is just that prevention which can prevent pedophile perform their duties.

On the other hand, being a relatively new phenomenon, there are no laws that will control what circulates on the Internet, and no way to verify the identity of the person on the other side. It is essential that at the slightest suspicion talk to the child and resort to the competent authorities if necessary, since the pedophile rarely acts alone, but is usually part of a network where it is exchanged and trafficked pornography.