Google announced the launch of its new Jamboard device, which is a board with 55 – inch touch screen and 4K resolution. In its official blog the company explains that the device allows the connection of up to 16 users can work on the same project connected to a network from anywhere in the world, allowing a practical and efficient work.


Besides the Jamboard incorporates a high-definition camera for video calls and speakers, styluses to write about and even a “draft”. He added that users can write on the documents, draw and insert other content such as images and videos, also has tools such as handwriting recognition with which the “handmade” becomes a digital text.

The new device has a stand with wheels to transport or can also be set as a TV. The smart board is compatible with other devices that have iOS or Android operating system. The slate is added to the new smartphone Pixel and Google Home as part of the hardware development by the firm. The transnational company said its sales will begin in 2017 but did not specify the exact date and will cost less than six thousand dollars.

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