Geothermal energy provides, through utilization of geothermal wells and springs the exploitation of energy from sources of heat inside the earth’s crust. The “Directorate General for Energy and Mineral Resources coming under the Ministry of Economic Development, proceeded to geographical mapping of the area (heatmaps), identifying the number of wells and springs present, identifying the depth and characteristics, a valuable guide for those who wish to accomplish research aimed at geothermal resources.

The first power plant that uses the geothermal energy from the ground was made ​​in Italy as far back as 19004, a noble industry that through the extraction of fumes and gases from the underground, with the help of a turbine connected to an alternator managed to turn 5 bulbs at the same time. Years later he was made ​​the first real geothermal power plant capable of giving power to the entire country and its surroundings. Currently the plant is functioning and is still in Ardella in Tuscany. In addition to the Italian central Ardella there is another advantage that only the central geothermal energy from underground and is located on Monte Amiata. The deepest pit of Landon reaches 4093 meters and is called Sasso 22.


The central Landon produces about 10% of energy produced worldwide. In the area where is located the central “Valley of the Devil”, there are numerous geysers of white steam, the name of the valley has its origin in accordance with the appearance of the dark valley conferred by the fumes and vapors, many of which are channeled to the central, thanks to the use of special tubes.

Other nations take advantage of using such a system of alternative energy supplies. In Italy there are as many 948 geothermal wells drilled over a span of years that goes around from 1916 to the present, the area of the Lardon was the subject of the first drilling and construction of the first facility in the world. The Tuscany region is rich in natural geothermal wells in which the vapors were suitably channeled to the exploitation of thermal energy into electricity, conveyed in power thanks to their temperature of 200/300 degrees activate the rotary motion of a turbine, which in turn causes the operation of an alternator, and finally a special transformer will make the energy used for domestic and industrial use. If the steam does not reach the necessary temperatures the process will make use of storage rooms in which they are the evaporation of a liquid through the help of special gaseous vapors coming from underground. To follow the procedure will be the same.