The automaker introduced a vehicle with a system called “Super Cruise” that uses radar and cameras to handle within their lane.

Milford, Michigan, United States (AP). the end of the decade, General Motors promises to release in a car that nearly can handle himself . The system, called “Super Cruise” uses radar and cameras to drive the car and keep it within your lane. It also keeps a safe distance from the vehicles that precede and is able to completely stop if necessary.

GM and other manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW and Lexus have control systems that maintain radar guided distance with other vehicles and slow at the possibility of a crash. Their systems warn the driver when leaving the lane. But until recently, engineers were unable to create a computer capable of handling the steering wheel, GM said. “The control of the wheel is the great additional piece,” said John Capp, director of electronic controls and safety of GM technology.


On Wednesday, engineers exhibited before the press system in the testing of the company in Milford, north of Detroit. The system adds a steering control technology currently available. Although there are some problems to solve, an SUV Cadillac SRX equipped with the system worked very well.

Capp said it takes a lot of work on the state of the road, the sensor response, the visibility of the lines separating lanes and system interaction with the driver, who would maintain control of the vehicle. The system, which would be on sale before the end of the decade, would be installed in the Cadillac , the luxury brand of the company, but probably would spread to the rest. With the system, the driver to release the steering wheel on the highway and let the car do all he said. GM is aware that the system could generate complacency in the driver, who completely abandon control of the car even though it is not designed for that, said Charles Green, an engineer who studies driver performance with the system.

So before market release, GM will include a device to ensure that the driver pays attention, said Green. “Super Cruise will be designed in a way that helps the driver to remain attentive to the road,” said Green, but did not say how. “That ‘how’ will become more apparent as show the next versions of Super Cruise”. According to engineers, there are many obstacles in the way of achieving a car capable of conducting only: for example, how to react to vehicles not equipped with the technology. Therefore, according to Capp, missing between 20 and 30 years to achieve a fully self able to stand alone.