Have you ever thought about all the workers who risk their lives working in confined areas where the risk of asphyxiation by toxic gases are part of everyday life? With small sophisticated devices their lives are less at risk.
Industrial Scientific is a multinational company leader sector gas detection over a large part of the planet.

What are these devices?

These small monitors, which according to the model detect combustible gases and toxic gases, allow workers who are to respond quickly if they are on the edge of a cloud of hazardous gas. In contact with a particular gas, portable gas detector goes into alarm immediately to prevent its owner from harm. The portable gas detectors, multi-gas or mono gas all operate using gas sensors, high-performance. These detectors can be equipped with pumps (to test the air in a room before entering) or run on a single scattering mode.



These powerful tools can save lives as long as the use was reported by the supplier. That is to say, to achieve different daily bump test, the zeroed maximum values ​​and the calibration of the device. It is recommended to wear a portable gas detector as close as possible to the mouth or nose (shirt collar, shirt pocket, helmet or hat) so that the air we breathe is the same as the one tested. In case of problems or scaring device, the first thing to do is obviously to leave the area to breathe fresh air and can then advise.

Safety first

If working in an area at risk, or if you own one undertaken and your workers face risks related to the gas, do not wait a second and join us on our website for more information Services and gas detectors that we offer. We do not hesitate to say “Saving lives is more than a job for us, it’s a passion.”