The two best phones of MWC 2014 are measured to see which is the best proposal for the fair. Which one will win in the derby between Samsung and Sony?

So far the MWC 2014 there have been several phones, but there are clearly two top of the range which are all stolen glances: the Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2. As larger competitors vying to be the best in 2014, is a good time to compare them and see which one offers more. Let Parts:


The two phones are very continuations, but in this case I prefer to favor the Xperia Z2. It has a premium and elegant finish to S5 lacks to achieve. The metallic edge glass on the front, in itself somewhat better materials and uses Sony mobile. In favor of the S5 I can say I like the back cover, has style. Both phones are resistant to water and dust, so there are tied (although they can dive the Sony up to 3 meters, a nice bonus).


Winner Xperia Z2


Here we discuss the quality of audio and video, as something important with larger screens. As for image quality are very similar, both screens just over 5 inches and 1080p resolution. Where shows some advantage Xperia Z2 is in your front stereo sound with noise canceling speakers, against the timid little S5 rear speaker can do.

Steady Winner: Xperia Z2


This point is hard fought and difficult, because you have to test cameras in great detail but in principle the Xperia Z2 has a higher resolution (20.7 MP vs 16 MP) and a way to film in slow motion at 120 fps. Yes, the Samsung will feature the focus in just 0.3 seconds, so for now leave this segment without winning.

Software and functionality

This is one of the few points where I can defend more to S5. This new version is not as loaded in the Touchwiz interface and added to a new home screen with the new center. Do not forget also fingerprint sensors and keystrokes. In this case the Z2 does not bring almost nothing, has new features of renown, is continuity in some ways too.


In my view, the Xperia Z2 is who comes off better. Best design and materials, battery, speakers and possibly camera features are hard to miss. Samsung defends its revamped interface and new sensors, but has it hard. However, everything will depend largely on the price and still do not know. I hope Sony do not leave hoya with this issue, as I suspect will be more expensive. Which do you think is the best?