This simple but addictive game, which was on its way to establish itself as a classic, has been removed from the Play Store and the App Store because its creator does not support success.

Along with Candy Crash, Flappy Bird has become one of the most popular free games in Apple’s App Store and Play Store platforms of Google . His mechanics are very simple, as you only need to touch the screen to the bird fly and strain between two pipes. For every obstacle overcome adds a point and the goal is to score as many points better.

Well, this game as simple as addictive (and even often frustrating) has just died because of his success. No kidding. It turns out that its creator, Dong Ha Nguyen, has decided to withdraw the title of the app stores because their popularity has destroyed his personal life . In fact, he has been responsible for ensuring on Twitter that “I can say that is a success Flappy Bird mine. But it has also ruined my everyday life. So now I hate him. ”


$ 50,000 a day in revenue

The odd thing is that this is a title that has caused a sensation because the Android version has been downloaded 50 million times and has generated more than half a million views, to which must be added a total of 50,000 dollars a day entered the Vietnamese developer in advertising.

Some rumors suggest that Dong would have taken the game to avoid legal disputes with some big companies like Nintendo, since the game is inspired by Mario Bros. “Dong step back to avoid legal risks because it is too difficult for him to deal with issues legal, “said Doan Duy, manager VTC Online. Anyway, the Dong himself has said that has nothing to do with his decision rights issues.

Anyway, the case is that Flippy Bird has disappeared from the Play Store of Google and the Apple App Store, something incomprehensible considering that aimed to be a classic. Is not this weird? must be something else behind beyond a mere crisis success because it was a phenomenon very, very viral. And for those who could not enjoy it, here you have a small game play for you to see what entertaining and simple the game. Believe it or not, engaged lot.