Mobile phone manufacturer HTC presented at the Mobile World Congress, the first smartphone with built-in Facebook button. How Facebook is becoming more mobile now.

For months it had been on Facebook Baron denies himself. There would be no Facebook phone, it was said by Mark Zuckerberg. And he kept right – not just a smartphone, which is built around, Facebook will appear. But several. Leading the charge is the smartphone manufacturer HTC, which is equal to two phones with Facebook button will send to the market.

Facebook apps so far

The idea of Facebook in the handbag can take anywhere with is, while not all that new. Manufacturers such as Apple and Nokia already developed apps to access with a few buttons on the move on the social network and can remain in contact with his friends. And also on the Facebook page can be set up, that you get notifications sent directly to their mobile phones.

Social Media phones as a new standard

What is new is the idea of ​​the phone directly aligned with the use of social networks. With nearly 19 million active users and German and more than 500 million worldwide, Facebook is the widespread network, and that will now impact on the smartphone. These will now be built into the next generation – and call themselves social media phones. In the forefront of the development of the new standard is the smartphone manufacturer HTC, which already middle of the second quarter 2011 will send the first two social media phones on the market.


Mobile with HTC and Facebook

“These new phones offer consumers a whole new way to use Facebook mobile,” says the CEO of HTC, Peter Chou. With the modern name of the first social media Phones “HTC ChaCha” and “HTC Salsa” the company promises to take a innovative way to produce for the market-wide Endconsumer. Based on Android and Windows Phone 7 smartphones to their users everywhere the opportunity to network and to communicate on their profile pages.

Here, an integrated Facebook button that both new posts and websites as well as pictures, articles and current locations spread by pressing a button and can be viewed from all digital friends. The smart-phone social media, according to HTC even be able to recognize what belongs in the context of the post. The lighting up of the Facebook button, the user will then be signaled when a comment or a status update offers.

Facebook data in the address book of the mobile phone

In order to better integrate Facebook into the phone can, HTC uses for its new generation of communication the latest version of Android 2.4 and HTC Sense. This can be achieved that the smartphone even when their own information gathering can fall back on the social network. Thus, when a call is automatically displayed the date of birth and a photo of the caller as well as the latest updates on the display, which can be obtained from Facebook. The same happens for outgoing calls. And also in the address book, all possible data from Facebook to anchor directly.

HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa

The HTC ChaCha has both a 2.6 “touchscreen and an ergonomic QWERTY keyboard. With two cameras and a large battery, it is the middle of the second quarter of 2011 to be had for 319 euros. HTC Salsa, which is reminiscent of the design of the HTC Legend, there is then for 389 euros. Time will tell how successful social media phones will be in the future, but it seems likely that they will represent the next evolution of smartphones.