Site by Mark Zuckerberg said he would not block that kind of content meets the intent while creating awareness against violence, censorship happen when videos celebrate such acts.

Changes in posture. After receiving a number of complaints from users about audiovisual materials showed a high degree of violence in the platform, including beheadings, Facebook in May imposed a temporary ban on this kind of content. But now he has changed his mind.

Yesterday it was revealed that the social network users billion was allowing the publication again in your news feed, of clips showed people being beheaded. And it is now the site allow violent content are published as the decapitations.

This decision reflects the position that “Facebook has long been a place where people come to share their experiences, even when connected to the most controversial events.”

However, the site that leads Mark Zuckerberg has stated that not censor violent content as long as the intention is to raise awareness and celebrate or make an apology to violence.


The new Facebook terms of use prohibit photos or videos that “glorify violence or attack an individual or group”, collected from Fortune. “If in the video are celebrated or encouraged actions exhibit, our approach would be different,” said a spokesman for the firm to that website.

Before showing the video with violent content, display warnings to users themselves decide whether or not reproduce. Meanwhile, Facebook will keep a ban on naked clips showing the use of drugs and pornography.

But the change in policy content has continued to generate a wave of complaints from users of the platform itself and others using also Twitter. And even the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, spoke out against the new Facebook posture.

The outrage, according to Fortune, also stressed the apparent inconsistency in policies: allow extreme violence, but you can sue the removal of images of breastfeeding mothers.