The initiative is the first step in the organization which seeks to bring global connectivity to areas that still do not have internet access. The August 20, 2013, Mark Zuckerberg announced the birth of, an association of leading technology companies with a common purpose, bring connectivity to everyone.

Facebook, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm and Samsung are members of this organization with three challenges specific: Cheap prices, so companies will present projects that can be affordable devices, smartphones would be the protagonists of this challenge; efficiency in the data, analyze new ways to use the least amount of data possible for wide bands, so that they can connect and work better, and finally, global access to the web, which will require new business models that can be presented to Internet companies to lower their costs in selected regions.


It is this last point that Facebook has begun to move their pieces to buy (soon) Titan drone manufacturing Aerospace. Yesterday, the portal technology TechCrunch website and CNBC reported that the purchase would be made ​​to the $ 60 million that would have the purpose and use drones to carry connectivity.


According to The Verge , the drone Aerospace Titan are solar powered and are able to stay in the air for an average of five years at a time. Furthermore, when used as a communication center, have the power to reach “a hundred terrestrial mobile communication towers.” Facebook plans to make the first experiments in Africa.

Tech Crunch reported that the total output of the manufacturing of drones will be used for purposes of organization, the first step to build 11,000 drones Solara model 60. Not seen much of the activities of the organization leading these big technology companies. This initiative could lead them to find new niche market for their products but also could be seen as a milestone of philanthropy and globalization.