There is no doubt petroleum is the key energy of our everyday lives. The correct use of this energy should always be with a balance between environmental impact and affordable supply.

An employee needs very much oil exploration safety to save his / her life. There are important issues about the innovation, exploration, and expansion of the Petroleum engineering that petroleum and geosystems engineers are able to address and solve, which will lead to energy security and thus are in high demand.

Effect of Oil Energy on Environment

Oil is extracted from the earth by the burning of it, releasing huge quantities of smoke in the air, which is full of gases polluting our air, such as:

  • Hydrogen,
  • Carbon Dioxide and
  • Carbon Monoxide.

Sometimes, the oil is spilled into the ocean from the oil-containing ships. Therefore, animals in the ocean are affected. In the same way, there are many different gases released into the air by cars, planes and the industrial processes.

This is destroying the upper layer of oxygen on our, and leaving us unprotected from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

These are just some simple examples of the environmental impact of petroleum. It results in toxic. For better health and survival we should definitely find ways to treat the waste of liquid oil. If you would like to know brief information on deep offshore exploration and production, you could choose here.

Oil Spills

A form of pollution is the spill of this liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment, especially marine areas, but also on land.

Oil spills may be due to the release of crude oil from;

  • Tankers,
  • Pipelines,
  • Railcars,
  • Offshore Platforms,
  • Drilling Rigs and Wells.

Safety Measures

Burning oil is the other way of pollution of oil process, and it already contributes to about one-fifth of greenhouse gases causing climate change, according to data published in a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the International Energy Agency, while oil extraction has local environmental impacts such as water and air pollution.

It is absolutely necessary to decrease the risk of spills and to create false floors at gasoline stations to catch gasoline and oil drips from making it into the water table. There are safety standards that have to be considered so our lives and use of this black gold.

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