What exactly is energy or power? How can you calculate your energy bill? And on what you have to make yourself?

Energy, electricity

Energy it takes to do work. In each example, the work carries a machine energy is needed. The electricity is just as important as the energy. It is a form of energy.

Electrical energy

The electrical energy can be transformed very well into other energy forms (radiant, mechanical, or chemical energy. Unfortunately, you can not let good memories.

Thermal Energy

Each body has thermal energy. This energy is produced by the atoms / molecules, since they have a random motion and rub each other. The higher the temperature of the body is, the greater the thermal energy. Thermal energy can be converted into good all forms of energy, but inadequately store.

Mechanical energy

Mechanical energy is different for you:

* Kinetic energy -> energy that goes into motion, such as water flowing.
* Potential energy -> energy that lies at rest, for example, water in the reservoir
* Transformation can only take place in thermal or electrical energy. Easy to store.


Chemical energy

Chemical energy is related to the structure of matter, with the bonds between atoms and molecules. Folds into radiant, electrical or thermal energy to convert. Can very well save.

Radiant energy

Radiation energy can be generated by light or radiation heat. A very important and big source is the sun. Can be good in electrical and thermal energy to convert, but can not be saved.

Energy can be generated not only convert but in a different form!


* There are three types of fuels, which are different for the generation of electrical energy.
* Nuclear Energy
* Non-renewable energy sources (oil, gas, coal)
* Renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biomass)

Advantages and disadvantages of electric energy


* Easy to transport
* no unwanted waste
* Easily into other forms of energy


* Non-Volatile
* Invisible -> Risks
* Production can pollute the environment

Transfer means

High voltage grid: These networks are used to transport electricity over long distances such as within Europe.

High Voltage Power: Smaller plants provide electrical energy to the network. From this level, the large-scale industry is supplied.

Medium voltage network: Used to supply industry with their own transformers and for the supply of local networks.

Low voltage system: This voltage level is used for the supply of homes, offices, schools and farms.