Electronics offers a complete management service Electronic Manufacturing Services, from initial product concept to final production, distribution and after-sales service.

As following services and electronic design engineering development step, we provide a design for manufacturing. We offer support and management for all phases of production, needs analysis, work plan, procurement, assembly, testing, quality control and delivery. Our management ensures success in making each of its products, but also in small-scale manufacturing.

Electronic Manufacturing

Shopping obtain components directly from external suppliers and partner companies. The purchasing team determines market situation and has direct contacts with manufacturers sales managers.

Advantage of our proven competence, will support you from the design phase and help you to market your products quickly, optimizing costs throughout time.


• Win conditions for their products from an OEM customer.

• Capacity supply, availability and quality thanks to a direct allocation of orders to the distributor.


Manufacturing electronic products require a high degree of technical knowledge updated during production. Manufacture for you, as modules, electronic equipment and systems. From prototype to mass production, through the preproduction.

Proof From the design phase of development implemented electronic test systems for quick and definite proof. Our technicians check their products using the most appropriate methods for implementation, with the objective that all products meet the 100×100 of the technical and functional requirements.

Repair Electronics offers repair service for your modules, electronic equipment and systems,  repair equipment with high density microelectronics, Retrofitting, Service Support.