Put simply, there are really only two aspects to doing business voip– selling and managing. You need to sell all the time of course; every company needs to attract new customers or sell more to their existing base. They also need to manage and support their customers and their business.  Hosted VoIP services can enhance a company’s capability in both of these areas.

It helps with the sales process at every stage. If you make lots of outbound calls to potential new customers, it makes it cheaper and more efficient.  With hosted VoIP services, most local and national calls will be included as part of the package. Costs for calling mobiles and international numbers will also be much lower than standard PSTN services, so it won’t cost more if you start to broaden your horizons.


As hosted VoIP is a digital service it can be linked up to your prospecting, CRM or unified communications system and calling can be automated. That means no incorrect dialling and no time wasted. It will also allow the caller to have information about the customer up on the screen.

The same applies to incoming calls. If it is an existing customer or someone who is already on your database, you can pull up the details immediately, so you can see their contact history right away and respond in an informed way. From a customer’s point of view, if you call through and the person answering already knows your name and has an idea of what you might be calling about, that’s very positive.

Hosted VoIP can also help with customer management by making you more aware and responsive to incoming calls. These can be redirected or set-up to ring several different handsets at the same time. You can call a person’s own individual number and the VoIP system will find them wherever they are. If voice mail is set up, the hosted business voip service may also have a feature that will send the intended recipient an email and/or SMS message to let them know that a message is waiting.