Infrared sensors and integrated circuits, microchips, computer applications and robotics service for the blind.

It’s been a robotics students Alicante University Miguel Hernandez (UMH), which have been proposed design, and they are succeeding, a prototype robotic guide dog.

A seeing-eye that never sleeps

Antonio Javier Sanchez and Jose María Catalan are two of the 16 students in the group of students of Industrial Engineering Elche University with the support and coordination of Polytechnic teachers of Elche are developing a robot capable of providing a greater capacity blind autonomy.

The Dog UMH is being designed, in principle, to serve three main functions: the ability to detect obstacles, preventing the blind from their presence and avoid them. But this is not all intended to be provided, moreover, other schools are more complex as collecting objects in its path, holding a cane and even be able to exert the force necessary to correct the direction of the blind, if necessary. His ability to scan the environment to support will also include a navigation program and will be provided with a joint or robotic mechanical arm. However, UMH students are designing and developing new opportunities for improvement to optimize its performance.

The omniMove

The students of this college Alicante are framing their work under the European sponsorship to develop robotics projects licensed “Open Source” or what is the same, open software whose source code and binary files can be freely used without having to pay its creator.


The company Kuka, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of omnidirectional platforms (omniMove) and industrial robotics in general, has provided for the realization of this project, the necessary hardware, between which is the platform of the future robot displacement Lazarillo, but what is a omniMove? It is a model generation platform that is equipped with a rotating and maneuvering capability so perfect that lets you scroll in all possible directions.

Yet been tested actual blind, but this looks like one of those projects that has all the ingredients for successful development. Not long ago, when they appeared on the market capable of performing intelligent vacuum cleaning duties based on a platform equipped with plenty of movement and governed by a computer program opened an important avenue for the application of robotics in daily life beyond the industrial use. The seeing-eye robot project opens a field of unimaginable applications for the world of robotics.