Pharmacists recommend the PTAs Tissue Salt No. 8 chloratum sodium dissolve in isotonic saline. Do the ineffective minerals now?

Table salt is an ancient remedy our pharmacists and doctors, for example, describes the Privy Medicinal-Rath Professor Carl Gustav Mitscherlich, the use of sodium chloride in 1851 in his textbook of pharmacology: A “Resolvent digestive” was normal table salt, table salt or sea salt previously taken in larger amounts than laxatives and vomiting. Taking salt in too large a quantity, but also sometimes occur in poisoning. Thus sparked by Prof. Mitscherlich once a man a pound of salt in a pint of ale on top fermented beer and drank it – the man “vomited once during drinking, afterwards had all the symptoms of a sharp poison and died within 24 hours, you found at the autopsy the stomach and intestines inflamed. “Nasal sprays with isotonic saline solutions or why not mix it might be better with beer, nasal sprays with isotonic saline solutions are fortunately but not as highly concentrated.


Pharmacists recommend chloratum sodium in saline against respiratory infections

According to licensing regulations for pharmacists to study pharmacy in Germany is intended to give the apothecaries skills and methods “that they for scientific work” to enable and “the critical classification of scientific knowledge”. As of pharmaceutical layman therefore it forms happy times in training magazines for pharmaceutical research assistants (PTA), continued. Especially in “The PTA at the pharmacy” probably caused the most capable scientific knowledge – several times the journal was chosen by the “German trade press.” In technical contribution “Healthy through the winter,” for example, a pharmacist recommends the PTAs for coughs, colds and flu tablets three of the “refrigerant” sodium chloratum in “Ten milliliters of isotonic saline”. You filter before the auxiliaries of the globules, “the moisturizing effect of the salt is optimally supported and you can recommend customers to use this custom designed spray during the entire heating season.”

Chloratum in sodium nasal spray with sodium chloride

Recommended by Foundation Product Testing nasal sprays of recent drug tests with isotonic saline solution cost about 2.49 euros per 10 milliliters, whereas cost nasal spray with the Tissue Salt No. 8 sodium chloratum or other minerals by Dr. Schuessler often more than twice. Just lay pharmaceutical surprised this because according to the instructions of the pharmacist PTAs globules with sodium chloride (sodium chloratum) in a solution of sodium chloride (NaCl, table salt) to dissolve. What scientific knowledge of pharmacy probably stuck behind it? In particular, since Foundation Product Testing nasal sprays holds with isotonic saline for the treatment of cold suitable for, Biochemistry according to Schuessler but the widely used to treat diseases as not suitable rank.