On memory cards are stored music, these are the MP3 player or the car radio played often in disorganized order.

You might also already angry that the tracks are on a memory card or a USB stick not in your media player or car radio played in the order that you would have expected. Especially if you want to save audio plays on a memory card and listen to them in another device, a disorganized sequence is very annoying. Why do people actually know that many players mess up the order?

One possible cause is the file name

One possibility is of course that the SONGS are normally played in alphabetical order. When the PC or MP3 player, this is usually the case. A prerequisite for this course is that you give the song or the individual chapters of a radio play with the file name. It is very helpful in this case, if you right at the beginning of the file name to use numbers. This will at least when burning an MP3 CD have no difficulty in reaching the correct playing order in playback on a CD player or DVD player. It is somewhat different, however, from when the title to a memory card Copy in order to use them, for example, in your car stereo and play the audio files contained on it.


On the storage order is what matters

Most of these devices, the audio files from memory cards or USB sticks to play, do not use the alphabetical order of the stored audio files. Here it is more important to the order in which the corresponding music files came on the memory card. In other words, this means that the first copied onto the memory card file will be played first. Unfortunately, it is often the case that when copying to an external disk, the files are not copied exactly in the order to the disk as they are previously selected in Explorer. It often happens, for example, that after selecting individual files before the last file is copied, and then the rest of the files in the order of selecting access to the storage media. One way to get this problem under control, which is not to copy every single file on the external drive. However, this can get very tedious when a large number of individual files. So here is another solution is desirable.

Sort the files later on disk

Music files on removable media such as a USB flash drive or a memory card can be subsequently sorted using a small program. This program simply changes the memory order of the individual files on the disk so that they correspond to the alphabetical order of the file name. An example of such a program free software “is Spring Drive “. With a few clicks you can use this to bring the music files on your memory card or your USB drive into the correct order. The program is very easy to use. The best way to sort the files stored directly after copying.