What is known generically as digital television, is in practice the replacement of tools and analog systems in different areas.

The television industry is in a process of technological upgrading framed in the generic concept of digital television , which in turn is complemented by a second process leading to the convergence of TV and PC in a single platform where industry the interactivity and choice by the user from a wide range of content. Business circumstances of each chain and determine how the order in which the scan reaches each of these areas, but generally it is an evolution that combines spending power and technological market trends.

Digital Issue

Its direct impact on the documentary process is relative, because it is the introduction of digital transmission systems and therefore are at the end of the production chain. A television can in any case maintain production by analog format and encode the signal to digital broadcasting. The three major television markets are digital satellite broadcasting, the network evolution to digital cable and digital terrestrial television. Its implementation over time tends to follow the same order, regardless of which experts say an overview of convergence and competitiveness in the sector on MPEG-2 encoding format and under the technical standards established by the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) .


The regulation of digital broadcast systems is also determined by a complex national and supranational legal framework, which highlights the two European directives Television without Frontiers and The European Convention on Transformer Television .

Recording in digital

The use of digital recording instead of analog tapes, Betacam SP generally from early 90s, has represented most of the televisions the first step in this transition to digital production. This has happened because of the ease of one hand production work on islands without a comprehensive transformation of the equipment of a chain, but very controlled through investments in a number of cameras and editing equipment with which to experiment in real.

Moreover, the compatibility of some of the digital and analog formats have allowed this experiment will not be traumatic or need extended to all of the equipment, as is the case for certain operations possible coexistence between formats Betacam SP and Betacam SX but operate as transit gateway to the total replacement of equipment. After some isolated initiatives with formats D1, D2 or D3, it seems that the formats Betacam SX and Digital Betacam one hand, and on the other DV family, are the most widely deployed, as in each case the type of needs and company policy.