Samsung and LG, two of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones, and a new market segment where the fight will take place for the best mobile. Do you serve curved screens? Which phone is better? We tell you all about it in Tecnonauta.

Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex are the two most striking devices of the moment, the former has a slightly curved screen, while the second also adds a covered auto repair, according to its designers. As representatives of a new trend of smart phones, screen phones curve must show that they have something to offer beyond its slightly curved design to allow better viewing screen from any angle. In Tecnonauta compare the specifications of both devices and tell you all the details that lead these two machines inside.

Design and Display

The LG G Flex is a slightly heavier and larger device. By weight we’re talking about a difference of 23 grams, while the screen is 6 inches. Samsung Galaxy Round The model however has 5.7 inch screen is a bit thinner and thinner. The advantage of Galaxy S Round is in the definition, much better as it reaches 1920 x 1080 vs. 1280 x 720 that has the LG device.


Processor and camera

Both phones use Qualcomm Quadcore Snapdragon 800 , but with a small difference in frequency for the Samsung Galaxy Round, whose cores run at 2.3 mHz. The camera sensor on both devices is 13 megapixels, so the difference will be noticeable only since software components and application options, but have not yet been able to try them for further analysis.

Memory and Storage

This is where the LG G Flex presents its weakest points. First we have a fixed storage memory, expandable to 32 GB no. While the Samsung Galaxy Round has the same capacity, and also supports microSD cards. Paragraph RAM is 2GB, compared to 3 including the Samsung Galaxy Round.


For specific details of performance and memory, the internal specifications of the Galaxy Round are superior . It remains to see if the price difference justifies buying either model, and also is the auto repair LG G Flex, which apparently in videos is quite peculiar.