Control heating with mobile is a real advantage as improved safety, comfort and save energy. No longer stands out as having a mobile or high-end tablet. Now it takes control from the mobile home and, for this winter most cool is get rid of your old thermostat and get one connected to your phone. In the US more than one million households already have some type of connected or smart thermostat in your home and that until a couple of years ago did not exist.


Comfort safety and energy savings

Change a thermostat is not something that is within the priorities of the average citizen, but in recent months has become something that many want to do. If you wonder why here you have four good reasons. Security control in real time status of the boiler provides absolute peace of mind when whether is on or off. Always has the house at the perfect temperature is essential to feel comfortable in our own home, imagine being able to put a bit before getting home from work on a very cold day.

Energy saving: traditional programmable thermostats never programmed, it is very cumbersome. These new thermostats are programmed from a website or from your mobile phone in an easy and simple way. There are several interesting market solutions and some. We do not intend to make an exhaustive list. All these thermostats are compatible with major heating systems that exist in companies offer advisory services through its website if the user has any doubts about the compatibility and installation.

Designed and manufactured in somewhat simpler than the previous battery powered and therefore compatibility with existing thermostats in higher and the installation is much simpler. In its favor, which forms part of a complete system including power savings and security? On the other hand it is sold in Leroy Merlin where a counselor can advise us on the best suit our needs.