The Google Internet glasses are still in the testing phase and therefore in addition to developing utilities also have effects such as stress headaches.

The augmented reality glasses Google can increase your headaches. The problem with new technology is just obvious, that are new and refined Lt.. The software giant has been forced to report through a list of questions about the consequences of using their Google Glass: basically not suitable for everyone, ” may cause vision problems “and headaches.

A group of passionate about the latest technology, which has paid for being the guinea tests have been reporting glasses of the drawbacks of using this visual device with internet. The Mountain View company has made some major advances. The last publication of the source code of the device, making it easy to start creating your own ecosystem.

But this is not the only step taken by the company. Due to the large number of questions about its operation, has made available to users a catalog of frequently asked questions about the device so that the market can begin to become familiar with it.


The use of glasses

The functions of the glasses are activated by light pulses on the rod to run basic functions, such as calendar, maps, photos and weather information. Also an application can receive instant messages monocle coming from social networks. For starters, Google emphasizes the main feature of his glasses: They are not indestructible, but are “robust, comfortable and built to serve the daily life “. Therefore, it promotes users to keep their devices safe, dry and ” impressive “. Among the highlights the most repeated questions by users: Google Glass can be used by everyone?. The company responds bluntly: ” Glass is not for everyone. ” Among his explanations, Google recognizes that can cause stress headaches or eye ” like conventional glasses . “

Contraindications that cast doubt on its short-term viability

From the first moment and will alert users that the new device is not recommended for those who have been operated by laser or for those under 13 who ” could break glasses or harming themselves . ” On the other hand, recognizes the company, ” the Google terms of service do not allow registering to under 13 “prerequisite for using Google Glass.

In other issues, Google will ask if the glasses can be used anywhere that answers ” as all have a time and a place. “Ultimately, the user will decide where and when to use augmented reality glasses, however, the company urges owners of device to keep in mind around and not use where ” those who are about not wanting to be photographed or recorded “as in the doctor’s waiting room. But how to know if a stranger does not want to be recorded?

Regarding your use while driving, the Mountain View respond that “depends on where you use and how “as they can not be used in places where there is a law against the use of mobile devices behind the wheel of a car or a bicycle. Finally, Google also performs the following warnings: it is not recommended for use while performing diving or using a jackhammer. With this strategy, the company aims to demystify the glasses noting that not everyone can use and its use is recommended in all kinds of establishments or situations.