The event was marked by the presentation of new objects with free internet, including pajamas and smart pots. They also highlighted the developments in the sector automotive .

After the spiral conference of the major brands and the efforts of entrepreneurs to capture the attention of the press, the CES 2014 comes to a close after three days of releases, some of which will mark future consumption patterns, and several prototypes that will not: models with good intentions not congealed in consumer taste.

Gadgets and more gadgets

Although each year is possible to find crazy ideas and original devices, this issue has been marked by objects with internet: and talk about almost anything. Since Intel pajamas you will count as your baby, so smart pot. The clothes also walks tucked in trend: the famous “weareable” or devices worn on the body have also been new. Watches are the most common, bracelets, rings, cameras that are worn on the face, glasses and many have the attention of the public.


Home and Motor

Connection extends homes with gadgets online. Smart Switches, clever bulbs, lamps going off at will, washing machines, cookers that do not burn the food, they tell you when you are about to become inedible generated headlines. The same happened with the motor car: many experts have agreed about the year of the engines in the CES 2014. The electric model of Toyota and Audi alliances have marked their sector.


The CEA, the institution that organizes the event has launched its awards already well known, although it is necessary to look at them with some touch they are awards that highlight the quality, but also driven by commercial interests. At best smartphone the prize goes to the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact away. The best tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12. In the notebook, Lenovo after winning a real valancha launch, its ThinkPad X1 Carbon gets the prize in one.