Here’s another list of feedback, so I choose the best innovation of the year . We have variety and something for everyone, from conventional to more revolutionary technologies, and various manufacturers at a time. Until we can choose gasoline, diesel and hybrid. Facing an increasingly near future, there are interesting developments that make our lives easier as automatic parking or instruction manuals intelligent, paperless. Here the list of nine candidates, elegiac wisely :

Mercedes-Benz Motor 2.0 Turbo 360 hp

The M133 engine that animates DE20 A 45 AMG , CLA 45 AMG and soon GLA 45 AMG is an engineering marvel. A 1991 cubic centimeter is removed 360 hp , i.e. 180 horsepower per liter. It is the world’s most powerful and leading specific power tetrachloride also already meets Euro 6.

Fully Asisted Ford Parking Aid

The following current assistant parking pass, which must be in control of the pedals. The idea is that the car park and Marquesas alone, no passengers on board, as if we Doing so a driver. This technology will be available in the medium term brand cars.


Anti-jam Honda Research

Honda working on a system so that when the vehicles start jamming curb, assist traveling behind and far behind to travel at a slower rate, in the end, result in a higher average speed and a reduction in consumption fuel.

Engines Volvo i- ART

In a system common rail or common rail pressure is measured in the total circuit, but Volvo gave a twist to the concept, and measuring the pressure for each injector individually. Thus a reduction of emissions by a more uniform combustion is achieved.

Manual myOpel

The paper manual made history. Now you just need a modern mobile phone with camera, use an application, point to the item you want to know more, and we display. It serves both as the carrier for some engine parts.

Self-cleaning rear camera Nissan Note

How to avoid soiling the back camera? Easy, a splash of water and compressed air, and voila , all automatically without user intervention. One of the technical innovations of the Nissan Note , humble car, overall budget, is an effective and inexpensive solution to implement.