Google’s Android operating system listed in Germany is currently the largest market share for mobile platforms.

Android, the operating system from Google, is on the distribution of mobile platforms currently the largest market share in Germany give. As the Bitkom, based on surveys of Market research company comScore announced that the Android operating system is currently the most widely used smartphone operating system in Germany.

Android share more than doubled

Around 40 percent of all smartphones run accordingly in Germany based on Android. A year ago it was only 17 percent. Was considered in the survey of smartphone portfolio in the first quarter of 2012 and the same period last year.

Almost halved Symbian dissemination

The runner-up Symbian, the operating system of Nokia. On Symbian you can see at the same time a loss of importance of Nokia products. Because the smart phones based on Symbian fell from 42 percent last year to just 24 percent. The operating system of Apple iOS laid over the previous year only one percentage point to 22 percent penetration on now. With a fall, Microsoft has to cope.


Windows Phone only single-digit

The distribution of the Windows Phone operating system went from 11 percent to only 7 percent. The operating system from RIM, the BlackBerry OS lost around 1.5 percent market share to now still 3 percent. Bitkom are currently about 23.6 million smartphones Erstgerate in operation. This is 52 per cent or 8.1 million more than in the same period last year. According to the survey by comScore therefore have 41 percent of all mobile phone users in Germany now a smartphone.

Helps Android Linux finally a breakthrough?

The operating system Android is an operating system based on Linux. Google has modified it for their own purposes. fristet Linux operating system on desktop PC’s still a rather modest existence, so Linux provides on mobile devices, if one adds the operating system of RIM and Apple as related OS operating systems, the most widely used operating system deployment worldwide

As the trend tends more and more to mobile devices, therefore, the operating system is Windows urged. Microsoft increasingly sidelined in the long run, with the development of Windows 8 already responding to this trend and the user menu in the style of the Android system or the Apple Apps designed. It has at least a further increase in the spread of Android seems as if through its mobile Linux distribution can finally make the breakthrough, which enjoys a safe and above all, stable operating system.

Bitkom: 2013 compared with today’s figures will be exciting

It is an exciting discovery because the extent to which this year’s numbers may be exceeded by the Bitkom report of 2013 again. Should the trend continue in the next year, this would also mean the end for Windows on mobile devices, for its share would have to go further back, the same applies for Symbian, unless Nokia saddles on Android to and can at least operate drive to increase again.