You want to be the one for you tablet for less than 200 €? We show what are the best options for every need.

Economic tablets are, and will, very popular among prospective buyers models. And is that not everyone wants to spend the big bucks that cost the best models of the year . That’s why we decided to list the most desirable economic options: tablets that are between 100 € and 200 € with great functionality to cover all needs.

Acer Iconia A1

(7.9” 1024 x 768 – 4 cores 1.2 Ghz – 460 g – 8/16 GB – 160 €)

A good choice for those who want a tablet primarily to read or surf the internet . Why you ask? For its 7.9-inch screen and 4:3 aspect ratio (more “square”) make it more comfortable than the classic 7-inch screen. Mini iPad holders know what I mean. The rest of the specs are on par for the price: Android 4.2.2, plasticity but decent quality manufacturing, good power (although some may not like Mediate) and the pair of front camera (0.3 MP) and rear (5 MP). With a somewhat lower price would have gone further.


Asus Memo Pad HD7

(7” 1280 x 800 – 4 cores 1.2 Ghz – 302 g – 16 GB € -145)

A great value is what characterizes this great tablet € 145. This fine screen (IPS and is very bright) and power, and it has 4 processor cores. Besides the memory of 16 GB is more than what you usually see at these prices. For best, 5 MP camera works quite well. What does the build quality is nothing special, somewhere had to save costs. Also the sound could be a little better and to promote it as the absence of 3G it shows. Anyway is king in your price range, leaving out for example the HP Slate 7.

Maxwell Bq 2 Lite

(7” 1024 X 600-2 cores 1.6 Ghz – 365 g – 8 GB – 99 €)

The basics of the basics, just € 99 , but unlike the common Chinese tablets have support here Bq and a good amount of views that support it. It works well for what you can expect from its price, and though I walk or something right screen is for basic power games, internet and playback of content. Although it does not end there, for 20 € plus there is a version that adds the IPS display (better viewing angles) and the processor becomes 4 cores. As notable absence is the 3G, although it is common given the price.

Asus Fonepad 7

(7” – 1280 x 800-1 core 1.2 Ghz – 340 g – 8/16 GB – € 199)

Similar to Memo pad HD7 we mentioned, but with the caveat that has 3G : You can make calls using mobile internet, whatsapp, etc for only € 199 , being cheap with this functionality (a Nexus July 2012 with 3G round € 230). If you needed connectivity, this tablet should be an option unless you can spend a little more.

Edison 2 Bq

(10.1” – 1280 x 800 – 4 cores 1.6 Ghz – 680 g – 16 GB – € 199)

The 10-inch tablets can also be cheap! It’s good that there is one recommended brand by Spanish and just 200 €. The IPS screen is pretty good, is powerful and convenient especially for those who want a wide screen. The 8600 mAh battery gives you the necessary autonomy. Of course not have 3G and is somewhat generic, but hey, it costs € 199, much less than 10 get a Nexus instance (€ 399).

Archos 80 Xenon

(8” – 1024 x 768 – 4 cores 1.2 Ghz – 440g – 4GB – 160 €)

Whereas it has 3G and a comfortable Internet browsing size, sure some people find it interesting. Besides this potential also to par and is not as heavy. Yes, only 4GB of storage seems little, though has Micro SD slot. If 3G is not as important Iconia A1 is the best option.