Terminals as the iPhone 5S, 5 or the Nexus G2 LG are among them, but … in what order?

He finished 2013 with him a year full of great new products and innovations in the world of technology in general and the mobile phone in particular. Precisely, it is time to do a little balance and develop a ranking of smartphones, we believe, are the best of 2013.


Fifth would locate the HTC One, a handset that stands out for its design and materials, its amazing 4.7-inch screen and its 4-megapixel camera with UltraPixel technology and its Beats Audio sound system . Anyway, it is also important to note that their lack of autonomy, the location of the release button and no SD card slot are some cons. You can view a more complete analysis in this video.


4 – Samsung Galaxy S4

Next on the list is the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is a very ergonomic terminal and is also equipped with an amazing display, a rugged battery and a very good camera. By contrast, its quality plastics detract while your customization layer is too overloaded . You can view a more complete analysis in this video.

3 – Nexus 5

The winner of the bronze is the Nexus 5, the new flagship Google landing on the market with a supreme power, a pleasant user experience, Android 4.4 with Kit Kat and a great value . However, your camera, low autonomy and regulate sound quality are some cons. You can view a more complete analysis in this video.

2 – iPhone 5S

In second place would locate the iPhone 5S, a device that has a great processor (which translates into a great power) of a very good camera and a superb design , although I must stress that presents some weaknesses, as for example the limited battery capacity, as well as the quality and size of your screen, among others. At this link you can see a comprehensive comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S4 to see step by step every single detail.

1 – LG G2

And the best 2013 mobile is for us … the LG G2! In spite of that sales would not have accompanied too, is a powerful terminal, equipped with a perfect screen and a great camera in most situations, while the sensations in hand are most welcome. Yes, overloading the system with many own applications and has no SD card slot, but you can view a more complete analysis in this video.

Other terminals

That said, it is important to mention that we also love other handsets such as the Galaxy Note 3 or even the Sony Xperia Z1. Anyway, the first thing Englishwoman within the scope of phablets, so did not want to enter in this ranking. Meanwhile, the Xperia Z1 would be the sixth in this list, since in our opinion presents interesting developments such as 20 megapixel camera but at the same time, our attention just as much as they bring the other terminals.