Want a mobile with excellent performance for less than 300 €? In the market there are many, and we tell you which ones are best.

Lately the phones are a technological race that seems endless: impressive resolutions, megapixel nuclei and everywhere … When you want to give account of a top model costs 600 €. However you do not have to spend the big bucks to have a mobile with the latest technology and meets its function perfectly. The midrange is the rescue, with phones with “value” unique relationship and are between 200 and 300 euros . Here we show you the best:

7 – S4 Galaxy Mini

(4.3” 540 x 960 – 2 Core 1.7 Ghz – 8GB – 8MP – 107 g – 300 €)

The “Mini” models stabilized as the average range of Samsung, and the S4 Mini does not disappoint, and when compared to the others in the list highlights especially on the screen to be a Super AMOLED and low weight. With a more competitive price (goes over 300 €) could have been an excellent choice, too bad.


6 – Xperia L

(4.3” 480 x 854-2 core 1 GHz – 8 GB – 8 MP – 137 g – € 239)

Inside the Xperia range, which is quite expensive phones, this is affordable and very good overall. It has the characteristic elegance of the family and a very good camera that excels in low light situations. Another strong point is the multimedia playback, as players “Walkman” are somewhat better than the original Android. Higher would not be that power is very fair. For those who want something better can point to Xperia SP, with much faster processor and HD screen, but will be more than 300 € and close to the Nexus 5.

5 – HTC Desire 500

(4.3” 480 x 800 – 4 cores 1.2 Ghz – 4 GB – 8 MP – 123 g – 240 €)

There are better models of HTC in the middle range, as the Mini One, but the value of this ratio is excellent. The best is the appeal of its design and the high quality of the camera of 8 MP. If we have to criticize, 4 GB of storage is very little but can be enlarged with Micro SD. By the way, if you like HTC and you can spend a few euros more, the HTC Desire is also 601 which is more fast, memory up to 8GB and has LTE. But of course, the price will be 300 € minimum.

4 – Nokia Lumia 625

(4.7” 480 x 800 – 1.2 Ghz 2 Core – 8 GB – 5 MP – 159 g – 230 €)

Good choice for those who want a Windows Phone. As more highlights the Lumia 625 is its sturdiness / aesthetics (the Lumia have always been very attractive), the vast autonomy that gives up to two days of use, the fluidity of the OS and a good camera to take pictures day. Of course when you buy a phone with Windows Phone must consider that its app store is something green and not as customizable.

3 – 5 Bq Aquaris

(5” 540 x 960 – 4 cores 1.2 Ghz – 16 GB – 8 MP – 170 g – 200 €)

A phone with 5 inch screen just 200 €? Bq makes it possible and more than worthy specifications. Fluid On everything works, but it shows they saved costs with the quality of the camera and the screen is highlighted. Ideal for those looking for something great price and content.

2 – Nexus 4

(4.7” 768 x 1280-4 core 1.5 Ghz – 8/16 GB – 8 MP – 139 g – 200 €)

It’s been a year of its launch, but the Nexus 4 is for other force, and now with a very attractive price of 200 € for the 8GB version. Good display, camera, processor, and personally design seems pretty good. It has almost no weak points, except for the lack of SD slot and the rear glass can be fragile.

1 – Moto G

(4.5” 720 x 1280-4 core 1.2 Ghz – 8/16 GB – 5 MP – 143 g – 180 €)

The undisputed king of the mid range. Is that with decent specifications of the best mid-range costs only 180 €, when another similar company around 300 €. Also attractive is a mobile, lightweight and customizable it by changing the housing. Definitely what stands out is the high-resolution screen and 4-core processor, a rarity in these prices, along with a version of Android 4.3 almost pure. The only criticism is that it does not have Micro SD slot, as the 8 GB version of some girl you can be.