If you want good mobile, powerful and quality that are close to 100 euros in this guide will recommend the best models.

Not everyone needs the latest camera or many-core processor when buying a mobile. So … Why spend several hundred dollars? After doing our guide to mid-range mobile rod down a bit and bring options between € 100 – € 150 that meet the needs of many users.

Nokia Lumia 520

(Windows Phone 8 to 4” 480 x 800 px – Dual Core – 8 GB – 120 €)

A favorite of many, and with good reason. It is a known brand, visually appealing and works very fluid . Stresses its 4-inch IPS display with 800 x 480 px that even works with gloves very bright and vivid colors. Also double moves core processor Windows Phone 8 without lags. If I had one criticism it would be the lack of flash, but it is a secondary problem for roughly 120 € it costs. No doubt it will become one of the best selling Nokia.


Lenovo A820

(Android 4.1.2 – 4.5” 540 x 960 px – 4 cores – 4 GB – 140 €)

Chinese smartphone of the moment, with low-end price and specifications midrange . Great good resolution screen, quad-core power and 8MP camera are its greatest assets, so we can say it is the most powerful of the list. It also helps that Lenovo is a well regarded brand in Europe. That if it is not exactly easy to get in Spain, so it is ideal for those buyers which habitually pull import or seeking good deals by shopping online. There is something better in its price.

Huawei Y300

(Android 4.1 – 4” 480 x 800 px – Dual Core – 4GB – 120 €)

A good, cheap Android, Huawei highlighted as a producer. If you let something go their generic design and invasive interface of your Android 4.1 is the best in price, especially as a Samsung or Sony Similar costs 60 € – 70 € more. Good power and screen, which incidentally is protected by a Gorilla Glass 2. You can find it at 120 € in a variety of online stores. Telstra has discounted from 70 € card in their plans.

4 Bq Aquaris

(Android 4.1 – 4” 480 x 800 px – Dual core – 16 GB – 130 €)

Bq has smartphones for all possible preferences, and this Aquaris 4 offers a lot for a low price. Similar to other models, the IPS screen must be rescued (like the Lumia 520) and comes with micro SD card included, so the memory is in a good 12 GB (4 GB internal and 8 external GB). If you want something cheaper you can see the Aquaris 3.5 inch which costs about 100 € and maintains advanced features like dual-core processor. That if the resolution will be 320 x 480 px.

LG Optimus L5 2

(Android 4.1 – 4” 480 x 800 px – 1 core – 4GB – 130 €)

And LG appeared, one of the manufacturers of the time with their models L covers well the mean and “medium-low” range. The L5 2 is on par with other models like the Ascend Aquaris 4 or Y300, although the brand LG may capture the attention of more people. I like your design with few side edges and your camera is not bad.