The birthday grandmother move the stop making the purchase an event made sure to go, the visit to the doctor. Furthermore, if necessary rearrange this every step you take cancel plans to move other. Madness. The good news is that there are applications calendar to help us perform all these tasks. Some of them even do not help us. These are the best you will find if you have a mobile Android. In addition they are all free.


Google Calendar

It’s a no brainer, but it’s still the best for both casual users and professionals. And in it it is possible to target all kinds of appointments. Some of them, such as the dentist or doctor just represented by a drawing that helps distinguish them from other events targeted. In addition to alarms and notifications help with your calendar view to review each of the targeted things to do in the day.

In addition, in its latest update function included Meta with finding the time to practice a sport, learn a new skill, spend more time with family all focused on maximizing the user ‘s time. After proving his worth as app task launched their calendar version. In addition, it is that the application is able to suggest places to stay to save time with regular contacts. All with a very static clean and worked.


In this case, it is a tool as a supplement. When installed on a mobile Android it allows anchoring different types of calendars to any screen as widgets or shortcuts. Thus, all appointments are on view at any terminal desktop screen without having to access a specific calendar application. Issues that help integrate and create a beautiful and stylish calendar on any mobile screen. It includes lunar calendar.

Tiny Calendar

This application also acts as a complement to Google Calendar so you have to be a user of it, if only in its web version. What are really striking about Tiny Calendar are its design but not the colors and visual appearance in general, but by the way they organize the content. It has views a day, four days a week, reduced month, month, calendar and weekly schedule. Thus, no matter how many appointments have targeted the user, there is always a convenient way to see them all. It also works without an Internet connection synchronizing with the calendar each time the application is opened or when an appointment is edited.

Calendar Business Agenda

Those who need a simple, simple and capable schedule can make use of this application. Allows native calendar synchronization with mobile Android as well as that of Google or accounts Exchange so all appointments are marked on it. Overlooking day, week, month and year, plus a calendar view if there are many appointments and events scheduled for the same day. In addition to displaying different colors depending on the size or type of marking event features customization actions to delay, postpone or cancel any of them. Nor they have forgotten the birthdays and local holidays.

Business calendar schedule

This is another useful calendar for users who need a flexible tool in which point all the details of upcoming meetings, events and appointments. It is possible to encode all appointments with a wide range of colors giving importance to one over the other and visually recognize through this. It also has a truly flexible thanks to gestures operation. Details like a long press for the creation of a new appointment or landslides left and right to postpone or complete other events, etc.