From SPC today we bring some basic tricks to Whatsapp that will allow us from using it on the computer to hide our connection time. Probably if you are reading this, you find yourself among the 700 million people worldwide who use Whatsapp. It is the tool most widely used instant messaging, and you see that in our country we love to share.

It may not even know that one of their most recent updates, Whatsapp and can make phone calls from within the application. Another day we tell you how to perform there are many tricks you can do with this application. You want to know our ranking.


How to use WhatsApp on your PC via WhatsApp Web

First, you should know that only works with Google Chrome, and second, that your phone must be on and connected to the Internet. If you do not receive messages on your smartphone, you neither will your WhatsApp for the PC version.

To install, follow these steps:

  1. Update WhatsApp through Google Play.
  2. Enter the page. (Via Chrome)
  3. WhatsApp, go to Settings -> WhatsApp Web.
  4. Scan the QR code in the browser on your PC.
  5. WhatsApp Web will open automatically.

How to tell if they have blocked me

You cannot know for sure if someone has blocked you via Whatsapp (unless you ask directly) but there are several signs that someone may be you blocking when you do not see your late connection, your profile picture, or you send messages that you are left with a single “check”. Either way, it may also be that this happens and you are not locked, so effectively you had better ask him directly.

Hide your last hour connection.

There is nothing easier. Just go to Settings> Account Info> Privacy>. There you select “no” and voila!

Remove someone from a group of WhatsApp

You have to know that you can only perform this action if you are the group administrator. To do this, enter the group information (click on the name of the group in conversation), find the person you want to delete and click its name. At that time, a menu is displayed and directly from there you can select the option to eliminate him.

How to avoid downloading files automatically

You may not know that if you select this option, besides being reducing drastically the space on your Smartphone, you are also consuming a significant amount of data. To prevent this from happening, you must configure Whatsapp so that files are not automatically downloaded, only through WiFi.

To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the application of the Settings → Settings → Auto download chat. multimedia.
  2. Upon arrival there simply must choose what do you want to download automatically: being connected to the mobile network, WiFi, or both, for videos or images.

With this information, we hope to bring forth a little more out of your favorite messaging service.