Whether you are one of those who download things without stopping like the opposite, you have to know that your tablet to a greater or lesser extent stores junk due to its normal use. In the same way, that we clean our house it is advisable that from time to time you do a general cleaning to your tablet. Here are a few applications that will help keep your device as pathetic as possible.

Apps to clean your tablet

SD Maid

It is one of the most powerful and ancient and, in fact, to use certain parts of this application may require special permissions. There is the free version and the Pro with more functionality.

Clean Master

Clean Master is one of the best. As for cleaning and maintenance for your Android, take the palm: clean the applications cache very simply and in History, you can store the data you want from those applications such as passwords for example.

All-in-one Toolbox

It works for your smartphone or tablet. All in One Toolbox is an all in one not a single application but a package cleaning. With this pack, you can view the state of your device storage memory status etc.  With this tool, you can also access to clear the call records, the SMS and even the SD card. All-in-one-Toolbox is completely free.

Sometimes, after a while or use long your tablet or smartphone, they can start running slower than normal. This may give you the appearance that your device has crashed or malfunctions, but before you take it to technical services or give it for dead, try to do any of these actions:

Check the storage memory

First, check your storage memory. You can view it in Settings> Storage.  That way you will know if it’s really a problem of ability or something else.

Delete apps you do not use

Although storage memory and RAM are not the same, when uninstalling an application you should keep in mind that files that are left floating around are generated. That is why when we uninstall an application remember to delete those files. Before pressing the Uninstall button we must press the Force Stop button remove the check from the Show Notifications item then the Delete Data button, and finally Uninstall in that order that way we ensure that nothing is useless in the device taking up space and using resources

Clear the cache

The cache stores temporary data from the sites we visit. Sometimes, this can mean files that are not useful at all and only take up space. Therefore, in the Settings section of our Android it is advisable to click on the “Clear cache” option.