30 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh. In the list below we review the models that Apple has been innovating since 1984.

1. 1984 Macintosh 128K

Macintosh The first cost about 2000 $ 500, and included keyboard, mouse, and a small drive.

Two. 1987: Macintosh II

is the first modular version of the brand, as all previous models were all-in-one ‘. Came with a color video card and an expansion slot, an important element of the motherboard of the computer. At the time it came to cost 3000 $ 900.

Three. 1989: Macintosh Portable

The ‘Macintosh Portable’ was Apple’s first attempt to create a computer that is portable and has a similar to that of a ‘desktop’ battery. It cost no more and no less than 6000 $ 500.


April. 1991: Quadra 700

was one of the first ‘Macs’ to use a Motorola processor, which improved quite operation. It also had connectivity to networks. Its price was $ 6,000.

May. 1991: Power Book 100

This was the first model to resemble what later would know as ‘notebooks’. 2000 cost $ 500.

6. 1993: Macintosh Color Classic

was the first color compact, ‘Mac’ and the last of the classic beige boxy. Its price was $ 1,400.

7. 1998: iMac G3

initial pattern ‘iMac’ online from Apple. It was a computer all-in-one ‘originally marketed with turquoise. Its price, $ 1,300.

8. 1999: Power Macintosh G3

microprocessor of this model replaced the old chips ‘Mac’, was much more powerful. It cost $ 1,600.

9. 1999: iBook

This sort of ‘iMac to take’ was quite popular in the field of education. Its price was $ 1,600.

10. 2001: PowerBook G4

This was the first 15-inch laptop that was also made ​​of titanium. With a translucent black keyboard, this laptop. It cost $ 2600.

11. 2002: iMac G4

With a new design, overcame G3 G4 with a flat screen and a better processor. Its price, $ 1,300.

12. 2003: Power Mac G5

Being introduced to the market, Apple said that it was the fastest computer of its time. It cost $ 2000.

13. 2008: MacBook Air

is the ‘notebook’ thinnest planet. Super easy to carry and has all the speed and convenience that characterizes Apple products.

14. 2009: MacBook Pro

laptops today, as we know them are packed with technology, fast and very user friendly interface. This same model has been innovating year after year, improving the display screen, using ‘retina display’.

15. 2009: iMac

This is one of the best ‘desktop’ on the planet. Frequently used by editors and designers, its display is backlit LED and memory RAM up to 16 GB.

16. 2014: Happy Birthday, Macintosh

With this video, Apple celebrated the birthday of their computers ‘Mac’. If you’re a fan of this technology, you can not stop seeing it.