The union would be beneficial for both parties: Apple would have an opportunity to produce in the automotive market and Tesla could consolidate the integration of electric vehicles.

Apple knows no bounds for the creation of new products. This time, rumors binding purchase or have the block in the center of attention. The web leaked information of an alleged meeting between representatives of Tesla and Apple, Tim Cook and Elon Musk, during the past year.

The reasons for the meeting have not been confirmed but, as expected, the netizens have already launched their first theories about the case. Both companies share interests and develop projects much faster if they reach an agreement. For example, Apple could be extended in the automotive market with products such as car accessories and Tesla could enhance the production of electric vehicles.


Industrial design is a feature that the two companies share. Apple products like iPhone, iPad or iPod came to market to revolutionize the technological generations and habits of users. If the same rule applies to cars and plane combined with the same attention to detail and quality that has Tesla, one could think of an iCar which can be a complete, environmentally friendly alternative and can be marketed.

Tesla, great reference for the production of electric vehicles could make more public and improve the performance of their cars. The consumer would notice the electronic units and this transportation option could grow and become a stronger competitor in the automotive market.

The possibilities are endless. For now, the two companies have the same work philosophy based on innovation policies and attention to detail. Moreover, according to the blog Unofficial , Tesla has a habit of going “hunting” Apple executives. Pending confirmation of the reasons for the meeting, expectations and technological promises are very interesting. For now, only hope that the future will surprise us again.