Tried the new terminal of Google and Motorola, who for a price very, very affordable lands with acceptable specifications.

Undoubtedly, Google has set a new trend: launch mobile market that have the best value, as is the case with the Nexus. However, not only has deals with LG to manufacture such devices, but now also will go on sale terminals that follow the same dynamics under the name Moto , basically because the Mountain View company absorbed Motorola few months ago. Well, today we will analyze the last device in this new product line that has been put up for sale, the Moto G. Following the success and critical acclaim of Moto X, let’s see if his successor also eventually enchant. Started!


Design and sensations in hand

The first thing I do is talk about their physical appearance and feelings we’ve had to take this terminal. First, I must stress that has a neutral, unobtrusive and simple look but at the same time results in an attractive design. Also remember much to Nexus 5 with regard to touch as it has a plastic back shell but with a smooth finish, as if it were rubber.

Furthermore, and as usual in the range of phones from Google, integrated into the navigation screen, which is a pain considering that its display is 4.5 inches and it will be available in 4 , 3 or 4.2. Again, I am disappointed that you have included in the bottom frame, which is quite extensive.

To all this, I have no complaint of the volume buttons nor from the ignition and lock, as they are fully accessible on its right side. And finally, I must say that I do not quite like the positioning of the speaker in the rear, because quality is lost. In that sense, the idea of ​​placing it in the front area as did the HTC One I find the right one.