Today, the tuning is ennobled by racechip a proven way your car. At the time of Chip-Tuning the plant are EPROMS Vehicles Therefore, motor control, either replaced or reprogrammed. This generally leads to an increase in vehicle performance. When chip tuning the engine, the full electronic control is optimized. Where data sets on the chip, there are three-dimensional maps. At the time of Chip tuning but not the entire map is processed, but only the right of the upper part, which leads to an increase in performance.

Advantages of Chip Tuning

If one lump sum increase the global map, for example, one could. also instruct the turbocharger boost pressure even at idle, which actually makes little sense. And thus we often also recognizes the difference between a professional and an unscrupulous Chip tuning. In a “standard” Chip, have up to thirty of those places maps in three dimensions. But it could also work with two-dimensional maps, however, there are approximately. 105PS border. By tuning Chip tuning, tuning experts can of 45% more power, depending on the model and type of vehicle, be carried out from the engine. It is also not only improves performance chip tuning, but also the torque and fuel consumption can be improved. One can nowadays all cars that electronically controlled engine has tuning chip tuning.

Next to the chip tuning also Tune-boxes, which is similar to the chip is provided with corresponding data sets and then you can install. The advantage of this picture is clearly that no change is made in the control unit. These boxes are usually no bigger than a cigarette. As a third variant, is called OBD-Tuning, wherein the control unit via the serial diagnostic interface standard (zb ODB-II) is rescheduled. All methods have one thing in common: More power. Of course, always keep in mind is that more power always has a higher outcome wear.

Information about chip tuning

fast cars need not have to be expensive. By Chip Tuning your engine can be a power increase of more than 40% is the help and amazing mind, depending on driving style can save fuel this way even. But you look at the Chip tuning but a little more detail about. Many understand the term is somewhat

Chip tuning

also in the field of development of existing price war is, as in most industries, downloaded on the shoulders of the customer. Providers apparently low cost of low priced boxes right tuner chip and just a lot of time and money from the customer and therefore is a trap for many prospective believe Box tuning would chip tuning or the

Valves Chip Tuning and Exhaust

At the time of coming to chip tuning, the relevant data of the electronic engine control may be a modified form linked. In principle, all important settings to be stored in a re writable memory chip, tuning measures can change these settings according to, so the car is more powerful. Examples of parameters, you can change them in chip tuning is the boost pressure

Optimization of a car

A car must not only be awesome but also fast. Therefore, it is also no surprise vote, who are interested in getting more car owners to implement an auto-tuning procedure. At the current time, the car can – Fans choose from several types of auto-tuning. Who, for example, looks like a high speed necessary,