For this digital SLR become even better pictures are offered many accessories, here are mentioned the most important and what they do.

To take full advantage of the Nikon D3100 is a need for the accessories that are available for this model and although some of these are not easy to get, there are several that are essential and others are not more important thing is to know to operate all functions possible camera.

Basic Accessories for the Nikon D3100

In the market there are many accessories for this DSLR but there are some who should not miss such as memory cards SD , which are required for the storage of images, in addition to the body cap and an extra battery and a charger for it. The Nikon D3100 has the power rechargeable Li-ion EN-EL 14, extra batteries are available from local distributors and is used to recharge the battery charger MH-24.

Recommended Filters for Nikon D3100

Another accessory that you must have is a filter to protect the lens and in this case NC filters are recommended. Also, use Nikon filters only because, according to the manual, the filters from other manufacturers could eventually interfere with autofocus or electronic range finding.


There are a variety of filters for Nikon D3100 camera but can not be used with linear polarizing filters, instead you can use a circular polarizing filter C-PL. And to prevent ghosting it is advisable not to use a filter when the subject is close to a bright light or when that light comes into the frame.

Accessories viewfinder eyepiece of the Nikon D3100

As in many of the cameras in this can be adapted eye correction lenses and for this model are the corrective lenses DK-20C. There is also the DG-2 magnifier that magnifies the scene displayed in the center of the viewfinder for greater accuracy during focusing, for which you need the adapter DK-22 which is available separately. And a very useful attachment is the attachment angle viewing DR-6 allows you to see the image in the viewfinder from above when the camera is in horizontal position only by riding on the viewfinder eyepiece at right angles.

The cables are also very useful

The D3100 is equipped with an accessory terminal cables MC-DC2 remote control and for GP-1 GPS unit. And there are other cables available that are very useful as UC-E4 USB cable used to connect the camera to a computer or printer cable and A / V, which is the Audio Video Cable EG-D2 , used to connect the camera to a TV. The Nikon D3100 also has available a software that provides functions such as adjusting the white balance and color control points, is the editing package Photos Capture NX-2, which can be a tool.

As you can see, we offer many accessories for this camera and while he is advancing the technology also expands the list of accessories, so it’s good to keep updated and check the official website from time to time to take advantage of these technological advances and so achieve better pictures .