Anyone who enjoys music, has been accumulating over the years records, cassettes, CDs, MP3, CD players, Walkman and even an iPod.

It is still rare for anyone save a phonograph, but the turntables were for many years very popular with millions of records LP that sold up to the music CDs with digital sound. The first discs were pulp and easily broken if coming to fall to the floor, then come those of vinyl that are here to stay and now are locked in nostalgia for who would not get rid of its treasures from that era.

What was the 8-track cartridges?

Many do not have to remember, but were tapes that were used since the sixties and could record or play but screw them again was not something simple and gradually lost popularity over the years.

The king of the recordings

Cassettes become very popular because they could record the music of our vinyl records, choosing songs from various LPs and record them in the desired order. Moreover, because magnetic tape cassette could be obtained giving greater recording capacity of a recordable disc on both sides. This format is still in many music players and car stereos but are slowly disappearing as they are no longer sold in major record stores.


Tape reel

A few years ago, the only way to listen to music for a long time was through reel recorders using magnetic tape larger than conventional cassettes and recorded music can enjoy for hours.

Music staff moving

With the advent of the Walkman, nothing would ever be the same, he became the first portable device with stereo sound that came to change the way we listen to music. You could listen to music with headphones using cassettes as those using existing equipment, but at the time was the feeling of novelty. The walkman has survived over time adapting to digital formats via cell phones, leaving the dusty cassettes at home.

Cassette to CD music

The first digital format that appears on the market the CD with a capacity greater than their predecessors play vinyl but using a laser beam to play music instead of needles for record players had to be very careful to avoid breaking. Its price was considerably higher early to cassettes, which made the transition to the new music format was achieved more slowly.

Technology in transition

The first devices with CD still had cassette recorders and allow a cleaner sound than when recording from vinyl records. The latest gadgets that transition period, had a vinyl player, cassette recorders and CD players. With these teams change ends the stage to the format currently used.

Digital Audio CDs

With the advent of the CD change the music industry for its quality, size and technology. At the beginning there was the variety of music available on cassettes and many people still have the two formats, but gradually people have been updating your music library to the new format.

Recordable CDs

When the market decides to release recordable CDs, appears another major change in music because, besides listening to digital quality recordings, recordings could be made ​​different disks to create CDs custom high quality through a personal computer which gave step to create new formats of music through the use of a PC.

MP3 XXI century

At a time when record stores only sell CDs, now appears a format that allows for lowering the size of the files to convert them through a computer and allows recording on mobile devices smaller than ever.The question now would be how long CDs will prevail in the market? the online music stores are becoming very popular and are even carried in other media such as cell phones today.

However, more than one ensures that the sound is still better than a disc LP that new digital formats by compressing sound files weighing less. No doubt you will have to think again to update the personal collection of disks if you want to keep pace with new technologies that do not know what the next step to simply listen to music.