Amazon has signed a new tablet which requires neither processor and battery. It also opens the door to direct competition with Google glass.

One step closer to a future without wires or ‘brains’ within digital tablets . The company has registered a patent Amazon with some screens that do not need or battery or processor. Information and power would be wireless. The novel system was presented to the officiating Patent and Trademark (USPTO, for its acronym in English). Jeff Bezos, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Amazon said that this is the way to go with what the tablets of future significantly reduce its size and weight.

The patent specifies is a remote display system. The laptop screen that receives the data and power from a primary station that does not have a physical connection. As happens with a WiFi connection. Users no longer have to deal with messy wires and will also be more manageable and light and all result in longer life for the batteries are not overloaded.

Progress will happen between technology giants. Mobile devices are competing in a market extraordinarily innovative and amaze us with every jump that technology allows. The augmented reality glasses or smart watches are some of the proposals that sound more in recent months thanks to the advances of Google , Sony , Samsung or Apple .


But this patent also talks about a product that would rival the Google Glass, since in the patent also discusses the possible use of glasses to view files in. ” A user could attach a screen to eyeglasses, so that the user can use the spectacles as a display when desired. Also, the portable device may be a headset which allow the user to listen to music “indicates the registered invention.

The 8000 first Google Goggles

Another step forward is that Google has already has 8,000 testers of augmented reality glasses. The selected part in a contest limited to the USA, in February in which they were asked to in 50 words via Twitter or Google Plus, how they would use the glasses.

The twitters label of “ifihadglass” (if I had glasses) served to imagine contestants glasses uses an Internet connection. Something only seen in science fiction until recently. The funny thing is that the ‘lucky’ winners paid $ 1,500 for the glasses that will only be delivered in New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco. You have to scratch his pocket was a guinea pig. Surpassed the experience with the prototype is expected to be marketed in late 2013 or early 2014, depending on the experiment proves that as-contest.

The glasses will have the same uses as a smartphone . But orders will be voice activated and tactilely. They also have a hidden camera and a tiny screen on the frame above the right eye.