Many of you have surely heard of so-called renewable energy . In this brief guide will explain specifically what they consist of and what are the benefits derived from their use. You can define renewable energy sources those present throughout the planet Earth that can be considered inexhaustible for their continuous regeneration (unlike fossil fuels and those derived from petroleum). The first advantage that comes out is an impact reduced environmental , because energy is produced without that nature is irreparably damaged, in addition, taking advantage of the innate characteristics of our planet, renewables are free. To date, between devices that use renewable energy sources, those most widespread and technologically consolidated are: photovoltaic systems , the solar thermal systems , mini wind power plants and geothermal power plants.

The photovoltaic and solar thermal systems have certain characteristics in common: both convert solar energy into primary energy use and collectors, or panels, solar but the scope and operation are very different. Photovoltaic systems convert solar energy directly into electricity . This technology allows to transform the solar energy, present on the earth’s surface, into electric energy thanks to the properties of the semiconductor materials that form the photovoltaic solar panel, such as silicon. Solar thermal systems, however, convert solar energy into heat at low temperatures for heating water or spaces. The solar collectors, collect solar radiation converting it into thermal energy to heat a fluid, usually water mixed with antifreeze.


The systems mini wind turbines convert wind energy into electrical energy. Heirs of windmills, it gives these systems the name of mini to differentiate them from large plants that make up the wind power plants. Finally, geothermal plants using heat from the ground to the air conditioning cooling / heating of the atmosphere and the production of domestic hot water. This technology is based on the extraction of heat in the winter to heat a room and on the compliance of the heat during the summer to cool. The heat exchange is made ​​with heat pumps, electric generally, combined with heat exchangers placed in the ground, known as geothermal probes.

Anyone who has the availability of suitable premises can benefit from installing a renewable energy system: for example, in individual homes or condos, in public institutions and in industries or on farms, in remote sites not reached by network electricity as shelters, huts and small islands For those who are interested, I suggest you inquire carefully about the incentives and tax breaks for the above installation.