Would you have thought that the first compact disc (CD) was produced 30 years ago? Some facts about the silver disk, see this article.

The first CDs were 17 Produces August of 1982 in Hanover. Although it is not clearly known, from which performers now actually the first CD was, however, the album “The Visitors” of the pop group ABBA is one of the first albums that were released on the silver disc. This was in November 1982.

The first CD player came later to the market

Curiously, the first CD was released before there was the first CD player. This first CD player, the CDP-101, manufactured by Sony came on 1 October 1982 in the shops. In this day and age is hard to imagine the price of this device, for which you could buy in those days as well a TV. The technology of this device was more difficult than in the later following devices. This CD player cost to market well over 2000 DM.

The CD was intended to replace the record

Initially, the compact disc has been touted in many stores as indestructible. In contrast to the record of this volume should be much more robust than the usual time record. Of course, we now know that this is not entirely true. Everyone who has ever had a CD with read errors is able to confirm this. Here are a few technical details about the CD: In contrast to record a CD from the inside out sampled. The first CD had a playing time of 74 minutes, which could later be expanded to around 80 minutes. The data track is arranged in a spiral shape similar to a record. If these data track, so to speak, “roll up”. It would have a total length of about six and a half kilometers.


The data on a CD can be scanned by a laser. The speed at which this happens, is always constant. Here too there is a difference to the record. Due to the spiral arrangement of data track the speed of the CD is varied continuously during the game. The first piece of music at the beginning, for example, directly this speed is about 500 revolutions per minute. At the very end of the CD there are only about 200 revolutions per minute. 1983 cost a CD in Germany, about 30 to 45 DM.

Other facts on compact discs

By the way, has the German Music Archive in Berlin from each CD, which was released in Germany in 1983, one specimen. The typical logo that says “Compact Disc Digital Audio” is the way licensed by Philips, which was next to the Sony company deeply involved in the development of CD. In the U.S., the first CD was released by the record company CBS. Here it was the album “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen. Previously here all CDs from other countries around the world have been imported.

(CD-Recordable – CD-R) in 1988, the first recordable CD was developed. But until a few years later, this should establish itself as a storage medium for computer data storage. In the nineties, when the first CD burners were affordable, the rewritable CD because of their high storage capacity at the time of about 740 megabytes a popular storage medium. Most audio CDs sold in Germany were the way in 2001. This year were about 133 million of the silver discs over the counter.

The DVD as a successor to the CD

As the successor of the CD is the DVD (Digital Versatile Disc), which at about 4.7 gigabytes (Single Layer) provides a multiple of the storage capacity of a compact disc. Due to this high storage capacity, it was possible, complete movies store in good picture and sound quality on the silver disc. Although there were earlier, the Video CD, but this allowed only limited playing time of about 73 to 79 minutes and was, therefore, for the saving of entire feature films with a length of 90 minutes or no longer appropriate. Although there were movies on Video CD, but this had to be on two or more video CDs are distributed, which made a change CDs during playback required. Also, the picture quality of a video CD due to the relatively low resolution of 352 × 288 pixels was quite low. To play a video CD is also required a special player. An example of this is the CD-i player, which was developed by Philips and sold.