Apple has released a guide for users in providing some tips to make all the performance of the new OS.

For the first time ever, Apple has decided to share with your users a guide full of tips and tricks to get the most out of the new operating system iOS 7 on their devices. Thus, the Cupertino firm has provided guidelines for the owners of an iPhone 4S onwards can squeeze all the options and features of their handsets.


First, since Apple is suggested to exploit the full potential of the camera sharing multiple photos using the burst mode to capture more images and select the best or even making a panoramic photo.

Swipe Gestures

On the other hand, it is recommended to use the Swipe Gestures, a series of tactile indications that rapid actions. In this sense we can delete a message simply by sliding from right to left or even find an app using Spotlight search, which is activated simply by sliding your finger down on the home screen.



In turn, the Cupertino firm also suggests making voice calls with FaceTime, so you will not need to use the video and we can address an issue more quickly and easily.


On the Maps application, Apple recommends to use the Fast Path system to access quick and easy directions wherever you want to go. In turn, you can also make use of the views of bird to explore some cities or even rotate the view to achieve a perfect orientation.


As for Siri, it is possible to tell our relations is satisfied what people are most important in our lives. In this sense, know who your spouse or your children to give you faster access to them at the time to call or write. On the other hand, Siri will be possible to inform our home addresses and work to remind us that we must do some work to get to these sites.


In turn, calendar functions may operate better with new views from, because if you put in landscape planning can be seen weekly. Turn will be integrated with Skype Gestures to streamline its use.

Music Player

The music player, meanwhile, also can squeeze easily creating playlists, radio stations or even own downloading a song from iTunes that is playing at the time. The player also offers a new interface if placed horizontally, as it shows the album art.

Other applications

Apple also recommends the Safari browser exploit its new tabbed interface, which can be accessed faster. On the other hand, wireless options are also important in this iOS 7 since you can send to print a document with the system or even play AirPaint pictures from your iPhone on TV via AirPlay.

Finally, you can use the Compass to settle or even the system ‘Find my Phone’ to find your phone in case you lose it. So, Apple has tried to show that it is possible to make good use and squeeze the possibilities of the new iOS July following complaints from some users. Do you think that what has been achieved?