LG will take care of the new family phone Google Nexus basis and use the high-end smartphone LG G2. What features both devices share?

For some good news, others go unnoticed. The truth is that the great LG Optimus G2 , Alex discussed in this paper will serve as a basis for other phone highly anticipated among fans of the latest smartphones, the Nexus 5. From Phone Arena get the latest news about the new Nexus family phone that would be manufactured by the South Korean company and also used various aspects of hardware design we’ve seen in the G2 model.

What difference would the Nexus 5?

The first thing you’ll notice, are the rumors Phone Arena, is that no volume buttons on the back. This aspect was one of the most interesting in terms of exterior design of the LG Optimus G2, but for the new Nexus 5 would use a traditional style with side buttons. Phone would profile thinner and the back of the housing would be coated on glass, in a form similar to the Nexus 4 was refracting. Still not confirmed, or denied, the inclusion of a high-quality audio within the cell, but until I get the official may not know this detail.


What will the Nexus 5 similar to LG G2?

The 5.2-inch screen with resolution FullHD and density 424 ppi is the first thing you’ll see the same on both devices, but also work with the same processor, a quad-core Snapdragon 800. It is also expected to include sensor 13 megapixels to capture photos and video, but not until year-end final specifications appear. PhoneArena usually hit in their predictions as many of their rumors come from internal sources in the companies, but while we wait is important to pay attention as it could have even more surprises.

The only thing that raises questions is whether this inclusion of high-end technologies will influence the ultimate prize. The Nexus 4 sold very well because it was an excellent mid-range phone with a price very low, but as far as the rumors say the Nexus 5 will be the most powerful smartphone to date family and the price can not be as attractive . Do you think it will be worth the wait for the Nexus 5?