Understanding how the EdgeRank

* Facebook uses a system called EdgeRank to determine how and where your post is displayed in the news feed of a user. If you have a good EdgeRank your postings will be seen by the maximum number of people.
* In general, the greater the interaction with your followers, the higher your EdgeRank. That is, the more likes, shares and comments with your publications better.
* To achieve this interaction with your fans try to post pictures and videos. It also asks questions to your fans and try to always use a clear call to action to encourage them to share your content and comment.

Content is king

* You’ve probably heard this phrase many times. Well, to get success in Facebook also need quality content.
* No one will be willing to share and comment on your content if you do not publish relevant information with some frequency.
* Personally I think the best strategy is to combine content for Facebook publishing high quality content related to your niche with funny content publishing in order to Engage Your Facebook Fans and entertain your fans.


Promote your publications

* Trying to grow your Facebook fan page without spending anything is possible, but it is obviously more complicated than if you have at least the ability to make a small investment.
* If your blog has a big audience you can grow your fan page quickly. However, this probably is not your case.
* Whether or not a big audience, promote your posts and buy real facebook likes on Facebook is certainly an economical way to grow your fan page quickly. Always Promote publications that are relevant to the content you offer in your business.

Test and measure results

* The Internet and the marketing are continually evolving and what works today may not work tomorrow.
* For this reason you must be constantly testing different types of posts (images, links, videos) and checking which create more interest in your fans.
* If you use paid advertising, try different types of ads and budget and see which gives you better results.
* I hope these tips will serve to henceforth begin to see benefits from your Facebook fan page. Do not forget that we are talking about the largest social network and you can not afford not to try to take it.