Do not know to play in your free time? In Tecnonauta tell you which are the 3 most downloaded free games for Android phones and tablets, choose from endless racing games, adventure, RPG and platforms, the final decision is yours.

Android is no slouch when it comes to providing quality video games, as we approach the release date of the console Ouya and Nvidia Project Shield , which is reviewing the best free games of 2013 may serve to approach the vast and varied catalog Android mobile and tablets. Looking for sports games, action or platforms? There’s a bit of everything in the store Google Play Store , so take note of the recommendations and begin to test these free adventures that will surely be the starting point to dive into the vast variety of games for Android.


3 – Bejeweled Blitz

PopCap! created one of the most fun puzzle games for PC, and now we can enjoy it through EA’s Premium mode. If you like Candy Crush Saga and titles of 3-Match (which join three or more similar pieces to score points), then you can not help but try your luck with the colorful gems in Bejeweled Blitz. Includes special powers and diverse barriers between each screen, making our ingenuity is the key to overcoming the challenges most extravagant, reaching the highest scores and share with your friends on Facebook and Google + to see who is the best player.

2 – The Simpsons: Springfield

If The Simpsons is your favorite series, then the new free game simulation and construction can not miss in your collection. You can rebuild the city of Springfield to your liking, and controls to the most popular characters in the series, from the manager to Moe and Apu Skinner, all citizens want their city, and the final outcome depends on you. Homer, Lisa, Marge, Bart and the rest of the inhabitants of Springfield are waiting for help to rebuild the city, choose business and where you place them, fulfills the missions, raises money and helps Springfield thrive again.

1 – Real Racing 3

Again a game EA among the most downloaded, and no wonder. Real Racing 3 offers one of the best visual experiences in high speed racing. Over 50 cars ready to test, for the first time the possibility to compete in real time against other 22 players. Using the System Time Shifted Multiplayer you can play at any time and with people around the world demonstrate your driving skills in realistic and very famous circuits such as Silverstone and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, among others. Did you choose what your free Android game to win in October? There is much more to discover, but our 3 recommendations today are among the most downloaded of the past few months, an excellent choice when opting for free games, but really played well, so you will not have trouble finding partners in the modalities multiplayer .